The Walking Dead is a popular horror series

From the series summary The Walking Dead, it is clear that as a horror American television show that has earned immense popularity and a large fan base around the world. The whole series is based on the comic book, named “The Walking Dead” by Tony Moore, Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard.

A post-apocalyptic horror series

You can make out from the series summary The Walking Dead, that is it’s a post-apocalyptic horror show where there are zombies or walkers and survivors. The storyline is very engaging and every moment is the drama is nail biting.

The lead character in the series, Ricky Grimes, the Sheriff Deputy, is played by the actor Andrew Lincoln. He wakes up from the coma and finds out in shock that the world is ruled by the zombies or the walker. Fortunately, Ricky Grimes is able to get reunited with his family.

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The world of zombies and survivors

The series summary The Walking Dead shows how Ricky forms a group of all the survivors left in the world and he becomes the leader of the group. The extreme level of struggle is shown by the survivors, especially in the world where there are zombies, who are so dangerous.

The series summary The Walking Dead has been shot mainly in Virgnia, Georgia, Atlanta, Alexandria.


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