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”The screaming mummy“, whose long-longed identity has been investigated, was followed by his father Pharaoh III. It was the prince conspiring to kill Ramses.

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It is thought that the famous mummy belonged to the prince Pentewere who plotted against her father. A: Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities

The archaeologists think that they had solved the mystery of the ancient Egyptian mummy called the mum screaming mummy ın because its mouth was open to the end.

The identity of the mummy, known as or Unknown Man E ın and located in the Deir el-Bahari tomb complex in Egypt, has long frustrated the researchers.

However, the recent DNA analysis revealed that this mummy had a great influence on Pharaoh III. Ramses’ son showed that he belonged to Prince Pentewere. Prince Pentewere, the pharaoh is known to conspire to kill his father.

The historical record says that the prince was sentenced to death by hanging as a result of his betrayal to his father. And the marks on the mummy’s neck also confirm his death.

The remains of the prince are considered bizarre because, even though they were buried near the royal mummies, they were not properly mummified.

The waxing process is a complex process that requires careful removal of internal organs and a careful wrapping of the body.

However, the prince’s body was left to dry for a while, and many mummies were wrapped with sheep skin instead of a linen wrap. According to experts, the ancient Egyptians considered sheep skin to be dirty.

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A: Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities

Taken together, the evidence for DNA, the corpse on the body and the way it was buried, really suggests that this mummy belongs to the discredited prince.

Dr Zahi Hawass, ord This mummy who is known as the Unknown Man E or the Naked Throwing Mummy, has been pondering the researchers for a long time, Dr he says.

Am This unusual form of mummification shocked Egyptian scholars, and no one ever managed to solve the story behind such a mummy until the Egyptian Mummy Project began a few years ago. This project was initiated to create a complete database of forensic information on the collection of mummies in the Egyptian Museum. Bu

III. The plot against Ramses was summed up in Papyrus of the Harem Conspiracy. Papyrie tells the story of how the pharaoh’s family, army commanders, servants, women in the harem and magicians planned to kill him.

In Papyrust, he writes how the conspirators were caught and tried, even though the conspiracy was not successful.

The only indication of any injustice in Papyrus is an encrypted expression that can be translated as iyet the royal boat overturned Pap.

III. An investigation into the remains of Ramses revealed that he died in his 60s and suffered from a disease, but the researchers no longer think that his death was merely the result of old age.

For a long time, pharaoh’s body was thought to have no signs of scarring. This shows that the conspiracy might have been successful.

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