The Tabularium was raised by Q. Lutatius Catulus in 78 B.C. The bronze tablets of laws and declarations are kept here. It is one of only a handful couple of stays of the Republican period.

Tabularium - image From-the-Tabularium-we-have-a-glorious-view-of-the-most-celebrated-spot-of-ancient-Rome-stupendous-temples-triumphal-arches-monuments-of-every-sort. on

In the Middle Ages, a stronghold was developed over the remaining parts of the Tabularium, and this was later on changed into the Palazzo Senatorio (Senatorial Palace). From that point forward, the structure has really been used for capacities identified with the city’s organization. A couple of these spaces were used from in the middle of the fourteenth and the seventeenth. hundreds of years for the capacity and closeout of salt, while different areas were used as prison cells straight up till the center of the nineteenth. century.

Tabularium - image View-of-the-facade-of-the-building-from-below-at-the-Roman-Forum-Rome. on
View of the facade of the building from below at the Roman Forum, Rome.

The exterior looking on the Roman Forum, 73 met. long comprises of a line of ten curves surrounded by Doric drew in segments behind which is a display separated into rooms secured with shelter vaults. At first, it had a second story with a porticoed outside of Corinthian sections. Inside the base is a long entry which has 6 windows that look out on the Roman Forum.

Tabularium - image The-building-peeking-through-the-columns-of-the-Temple-of-Vespasian-and-Titus-Roman-Forum-Italy-683x1024 on
The building peeking through the columns of the Temple of Vespasian and Titus, Roman Forum, Italy

Today, Tabularium frames the lower story of the Palazzo dei Senatori.

Tabularium - image Temple-of-Castor-and-Pollux-with-the-Tabularium-building-in-the-background-parts-of-the-Roman-Forum-in-Italy on
Temple of Castor and Pollux with the Tabularium building in the background, parts of the Roman Forum in Italy

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