Stunningly preserved fresco of Narcissus discovered in Pompeii

Stunningly preserved fresco of Narcissus discovered in Pompeii - image A-fresco-of-Narcissus-enraptured-by-his-own-reflection-has-been-discovered-at-a-house-in-Pompeii-696x418 on

Fanciful seeker is portrayed delighted by his very own appearance

Archeologists working in a lavishly brightened house in old Pompeii have found an incredibly safeguarded fresco portraying the fanciful seeker Narcissus delighted by his very own appearance in a pool of water.

The figure of Narcissus, who as per the fantasy began to look all starry eyed at his very own picture to the point that he softened from the flame of energy consuming inside him, was a genuinely normal subject in the main century Roman city.

The disclosure, reported on Thursday, is in the chamber of a house where, back in November, unearthings exposed another fresco that depicts a suggestive scene from the Greek legend of Leda and the Swan.

“The excellence of these rooms has driven us to adjust the undertaking and proceed with the removal,” said the site’s executive, Alfonsina Russo.

“Later on this will enable us to open in any event part of this Domus to people in general. Its removal has been conceivable with regards to the more extensive mediation of adjustment and re-profiling of the exhuming fronts, managed by the Great Pompeii Project.”

The old city of Pompeii was pulverized in AD79 by an ejection that executed in excess of 2,000 individuals. The remnants have turned out to be a standout amongst the most visited archeological destinations on the planet.

The city, which draws in just about 4 million guests every year, has progressed significantly since 2013 when Unesco compromised to put it on its rundown of world legacy locales in danger except if Italian experts enhanced its protection.

On 16 October, archeologists found an etching that recommended the ejection happened in October of AD79, and not August, as had been recently though.

Shocks uncovered lately incorporate the remaining parts of a steed and a home with an intricate altar.

Stunningly preserved fresco of Narcissus discovered in Pompeii - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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