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A recent 174-million-year-old dinosaur called Lingwulong shenqi or ‘Lingwu’s magnificent dragon’ was discovered by researchers in the Ningxia Autonomous Region in northwest China. These dinosaurs were never thought to exist in this region. Its history is 15 million years earlier than other similar dinosaurs.

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An artist’s interpretation of Lingwulong shenqi dinosaur. C: Zhang Zongda

Lingwulong is the oldest known example of more advanced sauropods called neorauropod. Neosauropods, one of the gigantic herbivores with long lengths, are the largest animals on the land, including sauropod dinosaurs such as Brontosaurus and Diplodocus.

The origin of the Sauropods dates back about 200 million years. However, with their massive body size reaching up to 70 tons and many new adaptations to consume plant foods, they began to dominate terrestrial ecosystems.

The origins of the descendants of this giant neosauropod are thought to date back about 160 million years ago. Perhaps for a short period of time up to 5 million years, they quickly diversified and spread around the world.

Professor Paul Upchurch, co-author of the University College of Earth Sciences University, said: as We were surprised to find a close relative of Diplodocus in East Asia 174 million years ago. The sauropods were not distributed until 200 million years ago, and the enormous dinosaurs of their descendants were thought to have reached this region much later. S

Alı Our Lingwulong discovery shows that many different species of advanced sauropods have lived more than 15 million years ago, and the Pangaea super continent must be spread all over the world while it is still a whole land mass. This imposes a detailed re-evaluation of the origin and evolution of these animals. Bu

This new evidence also reinforces the growing awareness for the Early Jurassic Period (200 – 175 million years ago), an important time for the evolution of dinosaurs. This important period of time followed the origins and diversification of many groups that dominated the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

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Reconstruction of bones and skeleton of Lingwulong shenqi. C: Nature Communications, 2018

Dr Xing Xu of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing, China, the lead author of the study, said: ve The Nano-like neosauropods were thought to never reach this region because of their connection to the rest of the world through the East Asia Jurassic Sea. Thus, the evolution of a unique and distinctive dinosaur fan of China. But Lingwulong shows that these Diplodocus-like sauropods indicate that East Asian isolation is less deep and short-lived than we’ve noticed. Fakat

For this study, paleontologists analyzed fossilized skeletons of 7 – 10 dinosaurs dating to 174 million years ago. The conclusion of the research group is that the findings of a dinosaur imiz being in the wrong place at the wrong time zam emphasize the lack of our knowledge of the fossil record and there are still many surprises.

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