New Archaeological Discoveries

Archaeologists have discovered a rather large unclean chamber tomb in the Mycenaean cemetery in the Ancient City of Nemea, along with many artifacts.

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The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports said: açık With the excavations in 2018; The excavation of the chamber grave which was very difficult to open (Early BC) was dated to 1650-1400. This tomb was one of the biggest tombs in Aidonia. This tomb is short but rather large, in shape of an ovoid shape and about 6 meters. Bu

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The entrance and main room of the tomb are similar to the middle-sized vault tombs of the Early Mycenaean period. Four large pits were excavated to the floor of the grave chamber and the foundation was covered with large stones. This feature also reflects the Early Mycenaean period vault graves.

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Old graves in the pits and clay-made dinnerware, some of them gigantic storage containers, and amphora-type yapılma palace style mezar items bearing some symbols from the plant and marine world were also examined. In addition to copper knives, daggers and swords; copper, obsidian and pyrite (natural iron consisting of glittering crystals) were also found. Jewelery made of various raw materials, as well as valuable pieces such as pins and seals were also found.

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According to the Ministry of Culture and Sports, the use of the monument continued until the Late Mycenaean Period (1400-1200 BC). However, when the dating was done on the basis of dates, the dates went back further than the Early Mycenaean.

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During the Mycenaean period, the excavation revealed that a portion of the tombstone collapsed after the use of the tomb. The collapsed roof of this grave was seen before the survey began.

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