As of late found tomb of authority going back over 2,000 years contains many creatures and two mummies

Many embalmed mice were among the creatures found in an old Egyptian tomb that was revealed on Friday.

The all-around saved and finely painted tomb close to the Egyptian town of Sohag – a desert territory close to the Nile about 390km (242 miles) south of Cairo – is believed to be from the early Ptolemaic period, going back over 2,000 years.

Mummified mice found in 'beautiful, colourful' Egyptian tomb - image Mummified-mice-and-falcons-on-display-at-the-recently-discovered-burial-site-near-Sohag.-1024x614 on
Mummified mice and falcons on display at the recently discovered burial site near Sohag.
Mummified mice found in 'beautiful, colourful' Egyptian tomb - image Two-mummies-of-a-woman-and-a-child-were-also-displayed.-1024x614 on
Two mummies, of a woman and a child, were also displayed.

The tomb is accepted to have been worked for a senior authority named Tutu and his significant other and is one of seven found in the zone last October when experts discovered bootleggers burrowing illicitly for antiquities.

Its painted dividers portray burial service parades and pictures of the proprietor working in the fields, just as his family ancestry written in hieroglyphics.

“It’s a standout amongst the most energizing disclosures ever in the zone,” said Mostafa Waziri, the secretary general of Egypt’s incomparable gathering of relics. He said it was a “wonderful, beautiful tomb”.

Mummified mice found in 'beautiful, colourful' Egyptian tomb - image Fragments-of-decorative-faces-at-the-tomb-which-is-believed-to-have-been-built-for-a-senior-official-during-the-early-Ptolemaic-period.-1024x614 on
Fragments of decorative faces at the tomb, which is believed to have been built for a senior official during the early Ptolemaic period.
Mummified mice found in 'beautiful, colourful' Egyptian tomb - image Wall-paintings-inside-the-tomb-dating-back-more-than-2000-years-are-well-preserved.-1024x614 on
Wall paintings inside the tomb, dating back more than 2,000 years, are well preserved.

“It demonstrates pictures of the proprietor of the entombment room, Tutu, giving and getting endowments before various divine beings and goddesses,” Waziri said.

“We see something very similar for his better half, Ta-Spirit-Iziz, with the distinction that [we see] stanzas from a book, the book of existence in the wake of death.”

Two mummies, a lady matured between 35-50 and a kid matured 12-14, were in plain view outside the shallow entombment chamber, alongside more than 50 embalmed mice, felines and birds of prey.

Ptolemaic principle spread over around three centuries until the Roman success in 30 BC.

The administration has depicted Sohag as “a standout amongst the most truly rich urban communities in Egypt”, where an exhibition hall opened a year ago.

Mummified mice found in 'beautiful, colourful' Egyptian tomb - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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