The terpene jaw bone analyzed shows that this giant creature is large enough to easily eat the turtles and large dinosaur eggs.

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Another portrayal of the skeleton of the skeleton in Romania, C: Axel Schmidt / Dinosaurier Museum.

The world’s largest Teruzor jaw bone was analyzed. According to the new study, this gigantic creature had been able to eat freshwater turtles and large dinosaur eggs easily for dinner more than 66 million years ago.

Teruzor’s lower jawbone fossil was 18.8 cm long, but when the Teruzor was living it was reported that the total jaw was between 91 and 110 cm.

This unusually long jaw was three times larger than the chin (average 29 cm) of Bakonydraco, a type of terpene closely associated with it.

The co-author Dan Grigorescu, a geologist at the University of Bucharest in Romania, found his jaws at a junction where two streams, Hateg Basin, in Valiora village, Romania, was found in 1984 in Transylvania. However, it was not understood that the fossils were Teruzor until 2011. So until Mátyás Vremir, a geologist in the Transylvanian Museum Society, and Gareth Dyke, a paleontologist at Debrecen University in Hungary, grasped the importance of fossils.

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The rocks that scientists found Teruzor Dracula. Newly researched fossils come from this region in Romania. C: Mátyás Vremir

In the Cretaceous period, the terpens were alive, and Hateg Basin was an island and was inhabited by dwarf dinosaurs smaller than their contemporaries on the mainland. In 2009, Vremir discovered the remains of this dwarf and bizarre hunter animal, also known as Balour Bondoc.

But Hateg was also known from the great dinosaur remains, such as the Hatzegopteryx (standing up to a giraffe, wings 10.9 m high). Another Teruzor, known as the Dracula name Dracula, was also larger than it with its 12 meter wing width.

Dave Hone, a paleontologist at the Queen Mary University, London, said: bir The islands are famous for their odd results. There were a dozen strange dinosaur remnants in the Hateg and there was a large carnivore lack. In other words, Teruzors were living things that replaced the tyrantos. ”

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Newly examined species are slightly smaller than Dracula. A: Dinosaur Museum

Teruzor, who is not yet scientifically named, has the biggest jaw ever found, but scientists say that Teruzor is not the greatest Teruzor. In addition, this new Teruzor is thought to belong to the Teruzor family, known as Azhdarchidae, with a width of 8 wings.

Ine It is quite exciting to see the Azhdarchid family, a new term with a huge Teruzor fossil, dev said Kierstin Rosenbach, a doctoral student at the Department of Environmental and Soil Sciences at the University of Michigan.

Rosenbach argues that the researchers discussed the different dimensions and shapes of the Azhdarchid terpenes and the characteristics of the paleontologists working in Teruzor are very popular. The reason for this is that the Azhdarchidae researchers were in a section that they emphasized: According to the researchers, the Azhdarchidae family can have a long neck and a thin head or a short neck.

So what is the new Teruzor group? According to researchers Teruzor, robust and short skull.

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