archaeological digs

Africa’s First Expert Tool 90,000 Annual Knife

Archaeological Digs Africa's Stone Age was also the Bone Age. According to scientists, Africans who made sharp knives from animals' ribs 90,000 years ago brought a new breath to bone tools. Prior to this, bone tools served...
archaeological digs

The Horse Trapped Under the Ashes Found in Pompeii

Archaeological Digs MS. In 79, the horse that was petrified under the ashes as a result of the explosion of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii and which has been well protected until today, was unearthed. A horse that...
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Captain Cook’s Ship Found

New Archaeological Discoveries Marine archaeologists believe that Captain Cook's famous ship had found the wreckage in Rhode Island. Full-scale copy of Captain Cook's Endeavor. A: Chris Terrill / BBC The possible discovery of Captain Cook's famous ship, HMS...
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Alien Mummy

New Archaeological Discoveries The analysis of the skeleton known as analiz alien ler in Peru because of its interesting anatomical features may have exceeded the ethical limit. A mummified skeleton in the Atacama region of Chile...
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Global Economy Emerged Before

New Archaeological Discoveries An international team, taking the energy consumption as its benchmark, has determined that ancient civilizations have been involved in globalization long before the past was thought, which shows that an integrated global...
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