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Marine archaeologists believe that Captain Cook’s famous ship had found the wreckage in Rhode Island.

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Full-scale copy of Captain Cook’s Endeavor. A: Chris Terrill / BBC

The possible discovery of Captain Cook’s famous ship, HMS Endeavor, on the east coast of the United States, has been described as a nit major moment of momentum ılar in Australian history, but researchers have warned that they have not yet confirmed whether the wreck has been found.

According to the media, the Rhode Island Marine Archeology Project or the archaeologists from Rimap identified the last ship of Captain James Cook’s famous ship, which reached Australia in 1770.

The ship was later used by the British royal navy in the American war of independence and then sunk in 1778 with a dozen other ships in Newport, Rhode Island.

U I think we can tell which one of them is that ship, ”says Kathy Abbass, project director.

Kevin Sumption, director of the Australian National Maritime Museum, confirmed that the vessel Endeavor was not fully confirmed, despite the exact location of the ship.

Sumption says that divers in the United States are currently collecting specimens from the area to see if one of the five shipwrecks is Endeavor.

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Un It’s not certain that this is Endeavor. We carefully collect very specific wood samples and we will do forensic analyzes to see what we have. Most of the ships shattered in Newport in August 1778 were made of American or Indian timber, but Endeavor was built of oak in the north of England.

”With detailed studies, we can illustrate the timber of these promising ships and we can have evidence that this ship is at least British.“

Cook left Plymouth in August 1768 and Endeavor was the first European ship to reach the east coast of Australia when it came to Australia’s area known as Botanic Cove in April 1770.

The ship’s name was changed to Lord Sandwich 2 and was later used by the British as a prison for Americans captured during the war of independence.

It was removed in 1778 with other ships to serve as a blockade in the Rhode Island battle.

Sumption believes that because of the size of the timber samples at the bottom of the port, the wreck believes it could belong to the lost Endeavor vessel.

Ğı Basically, what we know is the size of the Endeavor body and the use of this type of ship in certain sizes of wood. We found examples that would be consistent with a ship of this size. Bu

If lumber samples are found to be of British origin, the researchers will ask for approval to dig around the wreckage to obtain more evidence from the local authorities in the United States.

The search for Endeavor is a joint project between RIMAP and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

During his famous expedition between 1768-1771, James Cook helped to map the southwest Pacific Ocean, and confiscated Australia with Endeavor on behalf of the Kingdom of England.

The ship that Cook traveled to was used after the British Revolution in the American War of Independence.

The ship was sunk in 1778 before the Rhode Island communications between American colonists and the British.

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