Archeologists were contemplating site until previous homestead proprietor approached

A stone hover thought to be a large number of years old has ended up being much progressively present day after a previous ranch proprietor conceded constructing it during the 1990s.

The “prostrate stone hover” in the area of Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeenshire, was accounted for by the site’s present homestead and was viewed as surprising for its little width and generally little stones.

Notable Environment Scotland and Aberdeenshire chamber’s prehistoric studies benefit praised it as a bona fide disclosure and proceeded with their examination until being reached by the previous proprietor who said they had assembled it as a reproduction in the mid-1990s.

Neil Ackerman, the memorable condition record partner at Aberdeenshire board, stated: “It is clearly disillusioning to learn of this advancement, however it likewise adds a fascinating component to its story. That it so nearly duplicates a local landmark type demonstrates the nearby learning, gratefulness and commitment with the paleontology of the district by the neighborhood network.

“I trust the stones keep on being utilized and delighted in. While not old, it is still in an awesome area and makes for an extraordinary component in the scene.”

Supine stone circles frequently go back 3,500-4,500 years and are one of a kind toward the north-east of Scotland. Ackerman stated: “These sorts of landmark are famously hard to date. Consequently we incorporate any advanced reproductions of antiquated landmarks in our records on the off chance that they are later misidentified.”

He included: “We constantly welcome reports of any new, present day reproductions of antiquated landmarks, particularly those worked with the expertise of this stone circle and that reference existing landmark types.”

'Ancient' Scottish stone circle was worked in 1990s - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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