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Africa’s Stone Age was also the Bone Age. According to scientists, Africans who made sharp knives from animals’ ribs 90,000 years ago brought a new breath to bone tools. Prior to this, bone tools served as simple and general purpose cutting tools.

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A 90,000-year-old animal bone knife, which sheds light on the emergence of specialized toolmaking in North Africa, was found in Morocco. This photo shows both sides.

According to the researchers published on PLOS ONE , members of the North African Aterian culture, which emerged 145,000 years ago, began to produce sharp-edged knives as they became more involved in fish and other seafood diets. According to the new findings, strategic planning for survival and the associated change in instrument construction seem to have emerged in the early stages of human evolution long before the commonly thought period.

According to the team led by geoarchist Abdeljalil Bouzouggar of the Moroccan National Institute of Archeology and Heritage Sciences and the biological anthropologist Silvia Bello from the London Museum of Natural History, the bone knife was found in the Dar es-Soltan 1 cave located close to the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The bottom and the broken end of the knife were found embedded in a 90,000-year-old layer.

In order to make the knife, these people first removed a portion of the ribs of an animal of beef size and divided it into two halves. They were then shredded after they had been scraped off to turn one of the halves into a 13 cm long knife.

According to Bello, the slight amount of damage in the evidence suggests that Aterians first tried the blade on soft materials such as skin. Lo If it was used for what, this tool we found came out of very skilful hands, için adds Bello.

The exact age dating of two bones in the form of a knife previously found in another Aterian region in Morocco could not be made, but according to the researchers’ estimation, these tools were as old as those found in the Dar es-Soltan 1 cave.

Special bone tools found in Central Africa more than 20 years ago were dated to 90,000 years ago. Other parts of Africa witnessed changes in stone tools and other behaviors in these periods.

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