About Caretta Caretta

Do you want to know about Caretta Caretta?

Are you interested to know about Caretta Caretta? Well, it is indeed an interesting marine species that is available all across the world’s water bodies. It is also known as the sea turtle, or referred as the loggerhead sea turtle, because of the distinct physical appearance.

Our activities have made them endangered

If you are concerned about Caretta Caretta, you must know that it is an endangered species. They are getting lesser in number because of the cruel and selfish human activities. Almost every beach out there in the world is giving importance to tourism development, which is a big problem for the sea turtles.

They have the distinct large heads

There is yet another aspect about Caretta Caretta that you might not know. They have a very large size head, which is supported by strong and powerful jaw muscles. It is this physical attribute that keeps them safe and guarded against other water enemies.

The Caretta Caretta is considered as the marine reptile. You will be surprised to know that there are 9 different variants of species. Often due to their large heads, they get injured with the fishing gear, and leads to accidental deaths. If you want to know more about Caretta Caretta, you need to browse the internet.

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